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posted 4 Sept 2014, 16:19 by Willie Horgan
                      Due to problems with receiving the Internet, I have been unable to post match reports for the past number of weeks. The following is a synopsis of the games played which had no Match Report posted.
          City Division Junior (C) Football Championship.. Wednesday,21st August,2014..... In Ballinlough;
          Final Score; Brian Dillons (C), 2-5; Redmonds, 2-9;
    The Brian Dillons third choice Junior Football team were eliminated from the City Division Junior (C) Football Championship as a result of this defeat to Redmonds. A disastrous first half hour ,in which our giant midfielder,Mark Kelly, was injured in the throw-in and had to go off for the remainder of the game and, after 15 minutes play, centre half forward, Ken McCarthy, who had moved to midfield after Mark Kelly was injured, received a straight red card, were the main reasons why Brian Dillons lost this game.. Trailing by 2-5 to 0-1, at the interval, and having to face the second half, with only fourteen players, the Brian Dillons side faced an uphill battle. Hard to believe then , that with just ten minutes remaining in the game, Brian Dillons had managed to draw level...2-5 each. The brave comeback, however, had taken its toll on the fourteen man Brian Dillons side, and Redmonds, with four points in the closing ten minutes ,went on to record a four point victory. Scorers for Brian Dillons were; Eric O"Donoghue, 1-3 (0-3 frees);Michael Feehan, 1-0; Ciarain Kelleher and Kyle Corcoran ,0-1 each.  The Brian Dillons team lined out as follows; Tom Holohan; Stephen Coughlan; Paul Horgan; Ciarain Kelleher;Damian Horgan; Kevin O"Sullivan; Ryan Burns; Mark Kelly; Brian Manning; Eric O"Donoghue;Ken McCarthy; Eoin Keane; Kyle Corcoran; Thomas Kelleher;  Michael Feehan;  Sub; John Kenny for Mark Kelly (Injured).
         City Division Junior (B) Football Championship (Semi-final),,,,Tuesday.26th August, 2014...In Ballinlough;
          Final Score; Brian Dillons ( B), 1-10; Passage (B);1-17;
       The Brian Dillons second string ,after a promising first half, were overwhelmed by an excellent Passage team in a one -sided second period, and were a well beaten side at the finish. Playing with the breeze in the opening half, Brian Dillons, in spite of wasting two goal chances, were still ahead, 1-9 to 0-6, at the interval, with the goal coming from the experienced Seanie O"Dwyer, who billowed the back of the net in the closing minutes of the first half. Passage, with wind advantage, dominated the second half and were deserving seven point winners at the finish.  Scorers for Brian Dillons were;Seanie O"Dwyer, 1-1; Dave O"Donoghue, 0-3 (0-2 frees); Niall Fahy, 0-2; Danny Murphy, 0-2; Barry Triggs and Tommy Boland, 0-1 each. The Brian Dillons team lined out as follows; John Shek; Ciarain Kelleher; James Murphy; Paul Horgan; Niall Fahy; Dylan O"Donoghue; James Varian; Barry Triggs; Michael Colohan; Eoin Hennessy; Danny Murphy;  Brian Manning; Tommy Boland; Dave O"Donoghue; and Seanie O"Dwyer; Subs; (All second half ); Tom Holohan for John Shek; Luke O"Connell for Barry Triggs(Black Card );Eoin Keane for Eoin Hennessy; Mark Kelly foe Brian Manning.
           City Division Junior (1) Hurling League......Thursday, 28th August, 2014.... In Pairc Diolunaigh;
            Final Score;  Brian Dillons, 4-14;  Blackrock,1-12;
         Brian Dillons continued their unbeaten run in this years City Division Junior (1) Hurling League when they comfortably overcame the Blackrock challenge, to record their eleventh straight win in this competition.  Leading by 3-8 to 0-3, at the interval, the Brian Dillons mentors introduced five substitutes for the second half, which resulted in a more competitive second period, but, Brian Dillons were still eleven points ahead ,at the final whistle. However, the Brian Dillons management must be concerned by the amount of wides amassed (a total of 21 in the hour) by their charges  Scorers for Brian Dillons were;Dave Coughlan, 2-1; Kevin Coughlan, 1-1; Cian McCarthy,0-4; John Horgan, 0-3; Maurice Carey, 1-0;Daniel McCormick. 0-2; Niall O"Sullivan, 0-2 and Keith McCormick,0-1; The Brian Dillons team lined out as follows; Andrew Murphy; Niall Fahy; Darren McGrath; Michael Noonan; Daniel McCormick;  Darragh Rodgers; Mark White; Keith McCormick; Philip O"Brien; Niall O"Sullivan; Cian McCarthy; Kevin Coughlan; Dave Coughlan; John Horgan; and Maurice Carey; Subs; (All second half );Brian Barrett for Kevin Coughlan; Kevin Varian for Maurice Carey; James Murphy for Darren McGrath;Stephen Kearney for Michael Noonan; Kevin Coughlan for Cian McCarthy..