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Club Song

The Hole In the Wall

At the foot of Stream Hill stands a tumbledown shack,
And the walls with old age are beginning to crack,
But the Brian Dillon boys said : 'Before it will fall,
Make haste and baptise it : The Hole In the Wall'.

Now cheer for Brian Dillon boys, cheer with your might,
Keep up the old standard , the blue and the white,
Ring out the old war-cry with one lusty call
For the gallant old gaurd-room, The Hole In The Wall.

The name of our clubroom is funny, no doubt,
But the people, who named it , weren' far out,
For it's worn and it's torn like a second hand tent,
God forgive the landlady for taking the rent!

The great Irish Sweep will be run very soon,
Some suggest if we win,we'll cremate the old room
But my proposition is sidecars for all,
And a banquet that night in The Hole In The Wall.

Now inside the walls of this tumbledown shack,
They're hurlers the devil himself couldn't whack,
To see them lined out blue and white,one and all,
There's attack and defence for The Hole In The Wall.

Last night as I slumbered I dreamt I did die,
I flew up to heaven like a bird in the sky,
The angels they greeted me, harps one and all,
For they knew I belonged to the Hole In The Wall.

Now cheer for Brian Dillon, boys, cheer for the 'Barrs,
Cheer for Glen Rovers, the Rockies and Sars,
Cheer all clean hurling and fair play by all,
That's the toast of the boys from The Hole In The Wall